A Garratt In Miniature

In the beginning…

All shiny and new, a works photograph if you wish.

Passing the station at my club track, the Mid Cheshire SME.

I guess it all started many moons ago, when I became involved in model engineering as a hobby. I was probably more inclined to ‘play trains’ at first, although this soon subsided and the prospect of building a loco took my fancy. Not content with building a lawnmower or battery on wheels, there was clearly only one way to go – live steam was calling!

Having always had a leaning towards narrow gauge, the obvious loco of choice would be a quarry Hunslet. Once common as muck in the Welsh valleys, these iconic locos could provide a good size loco in 5″, capable of pulling a few trucks full of happy passengers. The Hunslet took around 10 years to complete, although I did have a 5 year holiday in the middle of construction!

Quite happy in the knowledge that my Hunslet was now fully painted and running well, my thoughts turned to my next project… and here we are!

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