A Garratt In Miniature

September Update

Well the cylinders are well on their way to completion, with some good progress made over the last few weeks. All the bronze liners are now fitted, reamed to size and each piston now turned to finished size. The end caps have finally been fitted in place, with only the stainless steel covers and cylinder glands left to fit.

The valve bores are now to size, with the next job being to make a start on the end covers and the piston valve itself. Also, a start has been made on the pipework for each cylinder and the snifting valves have been progressed. Having to drill and tap 92 x M3 threaded holes, its nice to have some other smaller jobs to fall in to, when the tapping becomes unbearable!

Snifting valves completed, ready for fitting to cylinder sides (pipework still to construct)…

Front view of cylinders with stainless steel endcaps removed…

Front view of the cylinder set , with end caps fitted…

Endcaps now fitted, stainless steel cap and piston gland still to fix. Note the dummy pressure relief stantions raising out of the tops of the cylinders – These are complete, but require etch primer…

All liners fitted and the endcaps and cylinders clamped up, aligned and ready for drilling…

Steam exhaust pipework bathing after silver soldering. The hole in the centre is access for the steam in…

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