A Garratt In Miniature

Release Valves in 3D!

Many moons ago, I used to build locos for Microsoft Train Simulator. Like everything, this was put to one side some years ago and things have gone from virtual to real! During that time, I used a program called 3D Canvas (Now called 3D Crafter) to build these locos. I thought that I would never use it again, but 3D Crafter is getting some use once again!

Whilst watching BBC Click last week, they had a segment on 3D printing and how the price was being driven down and is now affordable to joe public. After a bit of research, it turns out to be a viable proposition now. So as an experiment, I opened up 3D Crafter and started to draw out a cylinder release valve.

I’ve sent the model off to the 3D printers and I’ll wait to see the results! The prototype will be printed in a granular textured aluminium, which looks similar to a cast texture! All interesting stuff, so we’ll wait and see what it looks like when it turns up.

Anyway, soon be holiday time, so i’ll return in a month – hopefully with a present on my doorstep!

Cheers, Chris

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