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Monthly Archives: November 2010

November Update

Well, after a month off, i’m back at it once again! Work has started on the valve components, these include the endcaps, rod support and valve bobbins. Below is the valve rod support/endcap, with completed gland and support bushing. These are handed components, as the fixing holes are not straight to the frames, but centred to valve and main cylinder centres…

Top hat endcaps. Although not a feature of the original design, some Cockerill variants did carry them. I liked the feature and so, instead of the flat endcaps design, I decided to add them to my version…

How the components are starting to add to the look of the cylinders (and the weight!)…

October Update?

No, do not fear… i’ve not stopped work on the project, but have taken a short break during October to take care of some other things in my life. Work will commence next week to complete the major component parts of the cylinders and pictures will of course follow.

However, there will be a short hiatus over the winter, as my Hunslet needs some TLC (and a few mods) ready for next years running season.

Cheers, Chris